Scholarship for Completing Studies at RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY Germany

Closing date: November 1 to November 30 and May 1 to May 31

Student type: Domestic and International students are eligible for this scholarship program.

Level of study: All levels of study

Study area: Any

Scholarship value: This short-term scholarship is granted for five months with a stipend of 500 Euros per month. Scholarship recipients will find out by mail if they have been selected or not.

Description: The RWTH Aachen International Office can grant scholarships to complete your studies as part of the DAAD program STIBET III Matching Funds, with funds from the Federal Foreign Office and Doktor Carl-Arthur-Pastor-Stiftung. This “Studienabschluss” scholarship funds the academic success of qualified international students, who are in the final phase of their studies.


  • are completing a degree program at RWTH and have foreign citizenship, earned their university entrance qualification abroad (Bildungsausländer), and are enrolled in a degree program at RWTH
  • are in the final period of their studies
  • are living in Germany during this final period
  • can provide proof of a good average grade (at least 2.5)
  • will complete their degree in the next twelve months

How to apply:  apply on-line

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