Deadline:  March 1

Scholarship Description: Musicboard Berlin cooperates with an independent jury to annually grant scholarships and residencies to pop musicians and bands who have made Berlin their main place of residence and the centre of their creative work. Musicboard is the only institution in Germany to grant such awards to pop musicians.

Available Subjects: pop musician or band 

Eligible Nationalities:  pop musicians and bands who have made Berlin their main place of residence are eligible for this scholarship program. 

Scholarship Benefits: The amount of the scholarship is not predetermined and will be granted according to the situation and project of each applicant. As a rule, previously awarded scholarships have ranged from 5,000 to 10,000 euros. Applicants must hand in a simple financial plan justifying their requested amount.

Eligibility Criteria: In its Scholarships & Residencies Program, Musicboard exclusively supports musicians and bands living and working in Berlin. The artists’ country of origin is irrelevant. Applicants should be pop musicians who work professionally and stand out through their special creative achievements.

Application Procedure: residency program accessible to everyone and as inclusive as possible. If you have special needs or questions about the accessibility of our residencies, please contact us in advance for a personal consultation: [email protected]

More info: https://www.musicboard-berlin.de/en/funding/scholarships-residencies/