President’s Scholarships at University of Waterloo, Canada

To recognize your outstanding academic achievement, you’ll be awarded one of the following scholarships if

  • you’re admitted to a full-time, first-year degree program and
  • you’re beginning university or college for the first time in September, and
  • your early May admission average is 85% or more.

Eligibility and conditions

  • Your admission average will be calculated based on grades available in early May using your top 6 Grade 12 courses or equivalents, including each of the required courses for the program(s) to which you’ve applied.
  • If you receive an Offer of Admission to more than one program, your admission average may qualify you for a President’s or Merit Scholarship in one program but not another because your admission average must include required courses, which vary from program to program.
  • If your early May admission average is below 85% but your final admission average is 85% or higher, you will be awarded the appropriate President’s or Merit Scholarship. You’ll be notified after we’ve received final grades in July.

To receive the full value of the scholarship, you must remain enrolled in full-time degree studies at Waterloo for the full 4-month fall term.

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