Australian Government Research Training (RTP) Domestic and International Stipend Scholarships – Opening Soon at Southern Cross University, Australia

The Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship for Domestic and International applicants will open mid-August 2019 for 2020 admission.

Application forms and further information will become available closer to the date.

Alternatively funded scholarships available: 

Industry PhD Scholarship OpportunityTrace elemental and isotopic signature in hominid teethKey words: Human evolution, geochemistry, isotopes, trace elements, primate, teeth, fossil, archaeometry, archaeogeochemistryProject details:In teeth, mineralisation of enamel and dentine occurs incrementally and thus retains a sequential record of an individual’s early-life chemical exposure – both external and internal (e.g., metabolites). The well-preserved elemental and isotopic signals in fossil teeth have been used to reconstruct trophic levels, diet and migration patterns of early hominins and even in some cases the breastfeeding history of late Pleistocene Homo and extant apes. Reconstructing the isoscape (or exposome) of extinct species and in particular the nursing history is extremely valuable to better understand the early life signal of species that composed the broad primate evolution sequence, including for clarifying when the characteristic early weaning and late maturation of modern humans evolved.

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