Hunterville Vet Club Veterinary Scholarship at Massey University, New Zealand. Closing date: 30/06/2019

Number – Two (2) Scholarships awarded 
Duration – One year 
Value – $1,200 plus $300 accommodation allowance 

The scholarships shall be known as ‘Hunterville Vet Club Scholarship” and shall be offered annually under the following conditions: 

1. The scholarship shall be offered to any student who is pursuing a full-time programme of study for the Degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Science at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Massey University. 

2. Candidates should be commencing their fourth year of study towards their veterinary degree and should have a particular interest in large animal veterinary science. 

3. The student would have the right at all times to discontinue such full-time academic study but on doing so would relinquish the Scholarship for the term of the Scholarship not then expired. 

4. The scholarship shall be awarded by the Scholarship Committee appointed by the Directors of the Hunterville Vet Club. 

5. The scholarship may be held concurrently with any other scholarship or award, provided this is not considered by the Scholarship Committee to constitute a conflict of interest. 

6. The scholarship shall be worth $1,200 plus $300 accommodation allowance for the fourth year of the course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Science, subject to satisfactory academic progress, for which the Scholarship Committee may require a written report from appropriate authorities. 

7. It is expected that the successful candidate shall participate in 2 weeks seeing practice with the Hunterville Vet Club sufficient to satisfy the term of study for the degree of the Bachelor of Veterinary Science. 

8. Application for the scholarship shall be made in writing no later than 30 June stating why the applicant wishes to pursue a career in large animal veterinary science and include results from the previous two years of study and details of any other scholarships, awards or allowances which the applicant is in receipt of. 

9. Any questions or queries regarding this scholarship or for additional information regarding practical work please feel free to contact Martin Walshe at Hunterville Vet Club on (06) 322 8058. 

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